Pragmatic: based on the book
People-oriented, customer first, real, down to earth. Seeking business development and project development in the market competition of the road appropriate to the products and services to create value and enhance the company's market competitiveness

Innovation: source of development
Social development, with each passing day, Yong forefront, pioneers. Innovation is the soul, the only innovation in order to maintain the vitality of enterprises, in innovation and research and development, and always maintain its leading position

Specification: operation of the Road
Integrity management, Xunfa Suntech, contribute to the community. Establish a sound corporate governance structure, operation mechanism and business processes, uphold the spirit of professional and dedicated work style and fulfill a company's corporate social responsibility, to win market recognition

Pursit of: excellent
Ambitious, well-targeted, the pursuit of excellence, endless. Poly beyond the self in order to target the morning, is the company competitive advantage Spiritual Power